Elegant and eye-catching, the stunning Reed Wood Collection is the perfect addition to any space. Set Includes: Bed, Dressor, Mirror, 1 Nightstand. Comes in Queen and King available.


  • Industsrial Mid Century Design
  • Brown Antique Coffee Wood Finish
  • Matte Black Base



Product Type Dimensions

Dresser Reed-D 60.25" W x 17.5" D x 32.75" H

King Bed (3 Boxes)

Reed-K 77.5" W x 83.25" D x 50.5" H

Mirror Reed-M 41" W x 1" D x 35" H

Night Stand Reed-NS 22" W x 17" D x 24" H

Queen Bed (3 Boxes) Reed-Q 61.25" W x 83.25" D x 50.5" H

Reed Wood Bedroom Set (Queen)

SKU: M368154795856245